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The Auditor General's Office, Laura Marulanda Emilse Tobon, is a lawyer at the University of Medellín 

with Masters in Law program Municipal Government of the External University of Colombia. 

He has conducted studies of specialization in Public Management from the School of Public Administration (ESAP)

 and Administrative Law at the University of Medellín. He has also served as 

Coordinator of the Research Project of Social Movement for Human Rights in Colombia.


With 24 years of experience in the Fiscal Control, the Auditor General served as Deputy

 Comptroller for Public Management and Financial Institutions of the Comptroller General's Office, 

Comptroller of the municipality of Itagüí and worked in the Comptroller General of Antioquia and the Comptroller of Medellin.

 He was also head of the Legal Office of the Regional Autonomous Corporation of the basins of the Black and Nare Rivers (Cornare) 

and researcher of the Group of Social Science and Humanism of the Catholic University of the East.


Laura Marulanda has published several books including Excellence and Quality 

Control in Fiscal stand, Towards a New Fiscal Control in Colombia and Road to Excellence in Management

 of Territorial Fiscal Control. He has also been Professor of Administrative Law, Constitutional

 Law and Public Management at the University of Medellín del Rosario and Eastern Catholic. 

The Auditor General has also been lecturer in Public Management and Fiscal Control.​